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Firefox 38 beta8 to beta9

2015-05-02 13:07:00 +0000

In this beta, 16 changesets are test-only or NPOTB changes. Besides those patches, we took graphic fixes, stabilities improvements and polish fixes.

  • 38 changesets
  • 87 files changed
  • 713 insertions
  • 287 deletions



List of changesets:

Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1062496 - Disable browser_aboutHome.js on OSX 10.6 debug. a=test-only - 657cfe2d4078
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1148224 - Skip timeout-prone subtests in mediasource-duration.html on Windows. a=test-only - 82de02ddde1b
Ehsan AkhgariBug 1095517 - Increase the timeout of browser_identity_UI.js. a=test-only - 611ca5bd91d4
Ehsan AkhgariBug 1079617 - Increase the timeout of browser_test_new_window_from_content.js. a=test-only - 1783df5849c7
Eric RahmBug 1140537 - Sanity check size calculations. r=peterv, a=abillings - a7d6b32a504c
Hiroyuki IkezoeBug 1157985 - Use getEntriesByName to search by name attribute. r=qdot, a=test-only - 55b58d5184ce
Morris TsengBug 1120592 - Create iframe directly instead of using setTimeout. r=kanru, a=test-only - a4f506639153
Gregory SzorcBug 1128586 - Properly look for Mercurial version. r=RyanVM, a=NPOTB - 49abfe1a8ef8
Gregory SzorcBug 1128586 - Prefer hg.exe over hg. r=RyanVM, a=NPOTB - a0b48af4bb54
Shane TomlinsonBug 1146724 - Use a SendingContext for WebChannels. r=MattN, r=markh, a=abillings - 56d740d0769f
Brian HackettBug 1138740 - Notify Ion when changing a typed array's data pointer due to making a lazy buffer for it. r=sfink, a=sledru - e1fb2a5ab48d
Seth FowlerBug 1151309 - Part 1: Block until the previous multipart frame is decoded before processing another. r=tn, a=sledru - 046c97d2eb23
Seth FowlerBug 1151309 - Part 2: Hide errors in multipart image parts both visually and internally. r=tn, a=sledru - 0fcbbecc843d
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1154518 - Make sure extended data gathering (Telemetry) is disabled when FHR is disabled. r=Gijs, a=sledru - cb2725c612b2
Bas SchoutenBug 1151821 - Make globalCompositeOperator work correctly when a complex clip is pushed. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 987c18b686eb
Bas SchoutenBug 1151821 - Test whether simple canvas globalCompositeOperators work when a clip is set. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 1bbb50c6a494
Bob OwenBug 1087565 - Verify the child process with a secret hello on Windows. r=dvander, a=sledru - c1f04200ed98
Randell JesupBug 1157766 - Mismatched DataChannel initial channel size in JSEP database breaks adding channels. r=bwc, a=sledru - a8fb9422ff13
David MajorBug 1130061 - Block version 1.5 of r=bsmedberg, a=sledru - 053da808c6d9
Martin ThomsonBug 1158343 - Temporarily enable TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA for WebRTC. r=ekr, a=sledru - d10817faa571
Margaret LeibovicBug 1155083 - Properly hide reader view tablet on landscape tablets. r=bnicholson, a=sledru - f7170ad49667
Steve FinkBug 1136309 - Rename the spidermonkey build variants. r=terrence, a=test-only - 604326355be0
Mike HommeyBug 1142908 - Avoid arm simulator builds being considered cross-compiled. r=sfink, a=test-only - 517741a918b0
Jan de MooijBug 1146520 - Fix some minor autospider issues on OS X. r=sfink, a=test-only - 620cae899342
Steve FinkBug 1146520 - Do not treat osx arm-sim as a cross-compile. a=test-only - a5013ed3d1f0
Steve FinkBug 1135399 - Timeout shell builds. r=catlee, a=test-only - b6bf89c748b7
Steve FinkBug 1150347 - Fix --dep flag name. r=philor, a=test-only - b8f7eabd31b9
Steve FinkBug 1149476 - Lengthen timeout because we are hitting it with SM(cgc). r=me (also jonco for a more complex version), a=test-only - 16c98999de0b
Chris PearceBug 1136360 - Backout 3920b67e97a3 to fix A/V sync regressions (Bug 1148299 & Bug 1157886). r=backout a=sledru - 4ea8cdc621e8
Patrick BrossetBug 1153463 - Intermittent browser_animation_setting_currentTime_works_and_pauses.js. r=miker, a=test-only - c31c2a198a71
Andrew McCreightBug 1062479 - Use static strings for WeakReference type names. r=ehsan, a=sledru - 5d903629f9bd
Michael ComellaBug 1152314 - Duplicate action bar configuration in code. r=liuche, a=sledru - cdfd06d73d17
Ethan HuggBug 1158627 - WebRTC return error if GetEmptyFrame returns null. r=jesup, a=sledru - f1cd36f7e0e1
Jeff MuizelaarBug 1154703 - Avoid using WARP if nvdxgiwrapper.dll is around. a=sledru - 348c2ae68d50
Shu-yu GuoBug 1155474 - Consider the input to MThrowUninitializedLexical implicitly used. r=Waldo, a=sledru - daaa2c27b89f
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1149605 - Avoid potential integers overflow. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=abillings - fcfec0caa7be
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset daaa2c27b89f (Bug 1155474) for bustage. - 0a1accb16d39
Shu-yu GuoBug 1155474 - Consider the input to MThrowUninitializedLexical implicitly used. r=Waldo, a=sledru - ff65ba4cd38a

Firefox 38 beta6 to beta8

2015-04-29 08:53:29 +0000

This beta was harder then usual to release. For the 38.0.5 dev cycle, we decided to merge mozilla-beta into mozilla-release. As this is unusual, we encountered several issues:

  • Some l10n updates had to be run ( To help with the diagnostics, we reported bug [1158126](
  • The automation tool had an expectation that, coming from mozilla-release, the version would be a release ([bug 1158124]( We hardcoded a [temporary fix](

Because it took some time to fix these issues, we haven’t been able to publish beta 7 last week. We decided to skip beta 7 from releasing and start the beta 8 build on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, this didn’t go smoothly either:

  • During the merge, we update some of the configurations. This caused beta 8 build 1 to be built using the release branding. This change was backout. See bug 1158760 for more information.
  • Last but not least, because of the previous issue, we had to do a second build of 38 beta 8. This caused some CDN issue and it took a while to get that resolved. We also reported a bug to simplify this in the future.

Besides that, these two betas are regular. We disabled readling list and reader view (reader view is going to ship into 38.0.5). We took some fixes for EME and MSE.

Finally, we took some stability fixes.

  • 56 changesets
  • 131 files changed
  • 1488 insertions
  • 1911 deletions



List of changesets:

David KeelerBug 1150114 - Allow PrintableString to match UTF8String in name constraints checking. r=briansmith, a=sledru - a00d0de3202f
Justin DolskeBug 1155191 - Please disable readling list and reader view for 38. r=markh, a=me - 69173cc17556
Kai EngertBug 1156428 - Upgrade Firefox 38 to use NSS 3.18.1, a=dveditz - 8f9c08f19f6a
Patrick BrossetBug 1155172 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_notifications.js. r=past, a=test-only - 52322e98f739
Matt WoodrowBug 1154536 - Disable 4k H264 video for vista since it performs poorly. r=ajones, a=sledru - 650ed1bb5a04
Philipp KewischBug 1153192 - Cannot pass extra arguments to r=gps, a=lmandel - d1e5b60cd47c
Chris PearceBug 1156131 - Use correct DLL on WinVista, 7, and 8 for WMF decoding in gmp-clearkey. r=edwin, a=sledru - e7210d2ce8a9
Chris PearceBug 1156131 - Expand list of WMF DLLs that are whitelisted for use by EME plugins. r=bobowen, a=sledru - 5712fefbace8
Mark HammondBug 1152193 - Ensure sync/readinglist log directory exists. r=rnewman, a=sledru - fc98815acf5f
Ed LeeBug 1156921 - Backout Suggested Tiles (Bug 1120311) from 38.0 [a=sylvestre] - d7ca3b75c842
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1123563 - Skip test-animated-image-layers.html and test-animated-image-layers-background.html on Android and Linux. a=test-only - 1cd478c3e0b5
Hannes VerschoreBug 1140890 - Make sure the first argument cannot bail in between negative zero removal and creating result in substraction. r=nbp, a=sledru - d55fdde73ac8
Valentin GosuBug 1145812 - Fix assertion with dom.url.encode_decode_hash pref set to true. r=mcmanus, a=sledru - 5f0e381a7afd
Hannes VerschoreBug 1143878 - IonMonkey: Test conversion of MToInt32 for testing congruence. r=jandem, a=sledru - 0b3c5b65610e
Valentin GosuBug 1149913 - Disable Bug 1093611. Set pref dom.url.encode_decode_hash to true. r=honzab, a=sledru - a9be9167d92b
Chris PearceBug 1155432 - Don't flush WMF PDM task queues. r=jya, a=sledru - 0920ace0d8b0
Julian SewardBug 1153173 - Uninitialised value use in AutoJSExceptionReporter::~AutoJSExceptionReporter. r=aklotz, a=sledru - 92fb098ace7a
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1154683 - Fix potential size overflow. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, a=sledru - 22f8fa3a9273
Milan SreckovicBug 1133119 - ::Map should fail if the data is null, and add more null pointer checks. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru - 90d2538212ab
Florian QuèzeBug 1109728 - Intermittent browser_devices_get_user_media.js | popup WebRTC indicator visible - Got false, expected true. r=Gijs, a=test-only - fe8c5e74565f
Florian QuèzeBug 1126107 - Intermittent browser_devices_get_user_media.js | WebRTC indicator hidden - Got true, expected false. r=Gijs, a=test-only - 8d4a0b33d32e
Jim MathiesBug 1100501 - Add StatisticsRecorder initialization to xpcshell. r=georg, a=sledru - 71d1d59db847
Jim MathiesBug 1100501 - Avoid a late shutdown of chromium's StatisticsRecorder. r=georg, a=sledru - 8661ed4cbdb9
Mark BannerBug 1153630 - Allow buttons in the Loop panel to be bigger if required as L10n needs. r=dmose, a=sledru - a6fe316e7571
Milan SreckovicBug 1154003 - More protection for failed surface drawable creation. r=bas, a=sledru - 474ffd404414
Valentin GosuBug 1139831 - End timestamps are before start timestamps. r=baku, a=sledru - 9fe28719e4fd
Mats PalmgrenBug 1152354 - Re-introduce the incremental reflow hack in nsSimplePageSequenceFrame for now, since the regressions are worse than the original problem (Bug 1108104). r=roc, a=sledru - 92a269ca564d
Garvan KeeleyBug 1155237 - Part 1: Remove contextless access to NetworkUtils, causes NPE. r=rnewman, a=sledru - 1ec2ee773b51
Garvan KeeleyBug 1155237 - Part 2: Make upload service non-sticky. r=rnewman, a=sledru - 645fc5aa6a49
Mark BannerBug 1145541. r=mikedeboer, a=sledru - db41e8e267ed
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1108104 - Fix rebase bustage. a=bustage - df5d106c2607
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1152354 - Remove no longer needed assertion expectation. a=orange - 50550eca1fa2
JW WangBug 1091155 - Don't check if 'playing' has fired for it depends on how fast decoding is which is not reliable. r=cpearce, a=test-only - 2161d1dc7e2b
Randell JesupBug 1151628 - Re-enable MJPEG in libyuv (especially for getUserMedia). r=glandium, a=sledru - f6448c4cf87f
Randell JesupBug 1152016 - Suppress fprintf(stderr)'s from jpeg in MJPEG decode. r=pkerr, a=sledru - 97d33db56113
Ganesh SahukariBug 1009465 - Set the read-only attribute for temporary downloads on Windows. r=paolo, a=sledru - b7d8d79c1ee5
Tom SchusterBug 1152550 - Make sure that cross-global Iterator can not be broken. r=Waldo, a=sledru - 6b096f9b31d3
Mark FinkleBug 1154960 - Fennec should explicitly block the DOM SiteSpecificUserAgent.js file from packaging. r=nalexander, a=sledru - da1d9ba28360
Richard NewmanBug 1155684 - Part 0: Disable reading list sync in r=nalexander, a=sledru - 18c8180670c7
Richard NewmanBug 1155684 - Part 1-3: Remove reading list sync integration. r=nalexander, a=sledru - 309ed42a5999
Richard MartiBug 1156913 - Use highlighttext color also for :active menus. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 98086516ce8f
Edwin FloresBug 1156560 - Prefer old CDMs on update if they are in use. r=cpearce, ba=sledru - 7c66212e4c09
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset 6b096f9b31d3 (Bug 1152550) for bustage. - d20a4e36e508
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1139591 - Skip browser_timeline_overview-initial-selection-01.js on OSX debug. a=test-only - c0624fb0b902
Ganesh SahukariBug 1022816 - OS.File will now be able to change the readOnly, hidden, and system file attributes on Windows. r=paolo, a=sledru - 8a2c933394da
Blake KaplanBug 1156939 - Don't stash a reference to a CPOW and then spin the event loop. r=mconley, a=test-only - 0efa961d5162
Jonas JenwaldBug 1112947 - Replace a setTimeout with an EventListener to fix an intermittent failure in browser/extensions/pdfjs/test/browser_pdfjs_navigation.js. r=mossop, a=test-only - b29a45098630
Jared WeinBug 1153403 - Don't allow dialogs to resize if they didn't resize in windowed preferences. r=Gijs, a=sledru - e46c9612492a
Matt WoodrowBug 1144257 - Blacklist DXVA for one NVIDIA driver that was causing crashes. r=ajones, a=sledru - 78c6b3ce2ce2
Tom SchusterBug 1152550 - Make sure that cross-global Iterator can not be broken. r=Waldo, a=sledru - 2025aa8c5b1b
travisBug 1154803 - Put our sigaction diversion in __sigaction if it exists. r=glandium, a=sledru - fd5c74651fb2
Neil RashbrookBug 968334 - Allow disabling content retargeting on child docshells only. r=smaug, ba=sledru - 38ff61772a2e
Nicolas B. PierronBug 1149119 - Use Atoms in the template object hold by Baseline. r=jandem, a=abillings - 7298f6e3943e
Nicolas B. PierronBug 1149119 - Do not inline bound functions with non-atomized arguments. r=jandem, a=abillings - 0e69c76cbbe2
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset b29a45098630 (Bug 1112947) for test bustage. - 8fc6195511e5
Rail AliievBug 1158760 - Wrong branding on the 38 Beta 8, backout d27c9211ebb3. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE a=release ba=release - 9d105ed6f35a

38.0 & 38.0.5: An update on the upflits and branches

2015-04-23 11:23:09 +0000

During the 38 cycle, we are going to publish a release between 38 & 39 (called 38.0.5).

In order to continue the development of 38 & 38.0.5 in parallel, we merged mozilla-beta (m-b) into mozilla-release (m-r).


  • m-b = 38.0.0 beta
  • m-r = 37.0.2


  • m-b = 38.0.5 beta (even if we won't build any for now)
  • m-r = 38.0 beta (next one being beta7)

We will do regular m-r => m-b merges to make sure 38.0.5 is up to date.

This does not impact aurora (aka 39). In case we have to make a new 37 dot release, we would use a relbranch.

The m-b tree is closed avoid any confusion.

Last but not least, uplift requests to 38 should be filled for mozilla-release 38.0.5 would be mozilla-beta. However, release managers and sheriffs will translate the information if the uplift requests are incorrect.

The schedule has been updated.

Firefox 38 beta5 to beta6

2015-04-22 17:45:09 +0000

A smaller beta release.

In this release, we disabled screen sharing (will arrive with 38.0.5), reading list and reading view are going to be disabled in beta 7. We also took some stability fixes (as usual) and some polishing patches.

  • 32 changesets
  • 71 files changed
  • 857 insertions
  • 313 deletions



List of changesets:

Carsten Tomcat BookBug 1155679 - "mozharness update to ref 4f1cf3369955" on a CLOSED TREE . r=ryanvm, a=test-only - 6103268d785d
Terrence ColeBug 1152177 - Make jsid and Value pre barriers symetrical. r=jonco, a=abillings - d79194507f32
Mats PalmgrenBug 1153478 - Part 1: Add nsInlineFrame::StealFrame and make it deal with being called on the wrong parent for aChild (due to lazy reparenting). r=roc, a=sledru - 18b8b10f2fbd
Mats PalmgrenBug 1153478 - Part 2: Remove useless assertions. r=roc, a=sledru - e1dd0d7756c5
Mike ShalBug 1152031 - Bump mozharness.json to 23dee28169d6. a=test-only - 4411b07ee6bd
Gijs KruitboschBug 1153900 - Fix IE cookies migration. a=sylvestre - 55837b9aa111
Jim ChenBug 1072529 - Only create GeckoEditable once. r=esawin, a=sledru - 69e54b268783
Paul AdenotBug 1136360 - Take into account the output device latency in the clock, and be more robust about rounding error accumulation, in cubeb_wasapi.cpp. r=kinetik, a=sledru - fff936b47a9f
Mike de BoerBug 1155195 - Disable Loop screensharing for Fx38. r=Standard8, a=sledru - 6a5c3aa5b912
Gijs KruitboschBug 1153900 - add fixes to tests for aurora, rs=me, a=RyanVM - b158e9bdd8a0
Robert StrongBug 1154591 - getCanStageUpdates has incorrect checks for Windows. r=spohl, a=sledru - 86d3b1103197
Ed LeeBug 1152145 - Filter for specific suggested tiles adgroups/buckets/frecent_sites lists with display name [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - e66ad17db13f
Gijs KruitboschBug 1147487 - Don't bother sending reader mode updates when isArticle is false. r=margaret, a=sledru - 125ec6c54576
Ehsan AkhgariBug 1151873 - Stop forcing text/plain-only content being copied to the clipboard when an ancestor of the selected node has significant whitespace. r=roc, a=sledru - 7e31d76c4d7b
Margaret LeibovicBug 785549 - Use textContent instead of innerHTML to set domain and credits in reader view. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 38e095acde46
Paul Kerr [:pkerr]Bug 1154482 - about:webrtc intermittently throws a js type error. r=jib, a=sledru - 899ee022ed4c
Jared WeinBug 1134501 - UITour: Force page into Reader View automatically whenever the ReaderView/ReadingList tour page is loaded. r=gijs, a=dolske - e5d6dc48f6de
Gijs KruitboschBug 1152219 - Make reader mode node limit a pref, turn off entirely for desktop because of isProbablyReaderable. r=margaret, a=sledru - 4a98323f8e68
Gijs KruitboschBug 1124217 - Don't gather telemetry for windows that have died. r=mconley, a=sledru - 849bf3c58408
Blake WintonBug 1149068 - Use the correct font for the Sans Serif font button. ui-r=maritz, r=jaws, r=margaret, a=sledru - 44de10db57a6
Gijs KruitboschBug 1155692 - Include latest Readability/JSDOMParser changes into m-c. a=sledru - eb5e2063637b
Bas SchoutenBug 1150376 - Do not try to use D3D11 for popup windows. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 746934eab883
Bas SchoutenBug 1155228 - Only use basic OMTC for popups when using WARP. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 4dc8d874746b
Olli PettayBug 1153688 - Treat JS Symbol as void on C++ side of Variant. r=bholley, a=abillings - 18af6cfb3b86
Chenxia LiuBug 1154980 - Localize first run pager titles. r=ally, a=sledru - 65cf03fc2bc9
Gijs KruitboschBug 1141031 - Fix in-content prefs dialogs overflowing. r=jaws, a=sledru - 9117f9af554e
Boris ZbarskyBug 1155788 - Make the Ion inner-window optimizations work again. r=efaust, a=sledru - e4192150f53a
Gijs KruitboschBug 1150520 - Disable EME for Windows XP. r=dolske, a=sledru - 704989f295eb
Luke WagnerBug 1152280 - OdinMonkey: tighten changeHeap mask validation. r=bbouvier, a=abillings - 5dc0d44c8dbd
Boris ZbarskyBug 1154366 - Pass in a JSContext to StructuredCloneContainer::InitFromJSVal so it will throw its exceptions somewhere where people might see them. r=bholley, ba=sledru - 72f1b4086067
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1150376 - Fix rebase typo. a=bustage - f3dd042acc18
Ralph GilesBug 1144875 - Disable EME on ESR releases. r=dolske, a=sledru - 630336da65f2