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Firefox 43 beta3 to beta4

2015-11-19 10:57:23 +0000

In this beta, many changes to improve the support of GTK3+ for the GNU/Linux users. Besides that, some changes to increase the stability of Fennec.

  • 31 changesets
  • 39 files changed
  • 743 insertions
  • 283 deletions



List of changesets:

Wes KocherBacked out changeset 9fbc92fa9e4b (Bug 1221855) because I backed out the other half a=backout - 51f0f13e7985
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1213780 - Fix Telemetry reporting repeated hang annotations for Chrome hangs. r=aklotz a=lizzard - 2fd90a7f326e
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1211411 - Limit the number of thread hang stats reported to Telemetry. r=vladan a=lizzard - 59e6a978773f
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1215540 - Fix Telemetry reporting repeated hang annotations for Thread hangs. r=aklotz a=lizzard - 12762fdf5ab6
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1219751 - Change the the depth limit of the thread hangs stack to use the 99th percentile. r=gfritzsche a=lizzard - 6cabb1a43af6
Chris H-CBug 1198196 - rework EVENTLOOP_UI_LAG_EXP_MS to record all lag. r=vladan a=lizzard - ffc3382d3829
Chris H-CBug 1223800 - Accept BHR reports from 50% of beta clients. Up from 1%. r=vladan a=lizzard - aaa5100e2085
Vladan DjericBug 1223800: Fix broken build -- Telemetry on aurora & beta doesn't know about the bug_numbers field yet. a=broken - ec4b13420b71
Bill McCloskeyBug 1218552 - Fix GTK drag-and-drop coordinate scaling on HiDPI displays. r=karlt a=lizzard - 581b3e8f954f
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - test Web Audio memory reporting r=erahm, a=test-only - 93d92b8c2b6c
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - null-check mInputBuffer in SizeOfExcludingThis(). r=padenot, a=lizzard - 294b55e22276
Karl TomlinsonBug 1218552 - make GdkPointToDevicePixels() public to fix build. a=lizzard - 844ff2b4f267
L. David BaronBug 1222783 - Make nsHTMLFramesetFrame::Reflow set firstTime based on what firstTime means. r=roc approval-mozilla-beta=lizzard - 7947f1e4ca76
Jeff GilbertBug 1209612 - Only QueryString with null if supported. r=jmuizelaar, a=lizzard - d720ce07c464
James WillcoxBug 1221228 - Work around busted OpenSL causing hangs/reboots on Android. r=padenot, a=sylvestre - 4af91393a8f8
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of capture stop only in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - 1540124e58cd
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of stopped tracks in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - e3fad0bd414e
Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1210852 - do SelectSettings of device capabilities on media thread. r=jib a=lizzard - 1ffe42de58bd
Andreas PehrsonBug 1070216 - Properly manage lifetime of allocated CaptureDevices. r=jib a=lizzard - 98d9576c7d13
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Always call MediaManager::NotifyFinished/NotifyRemoved on main thread. r=jib a=lizzard - 5ca6857c26e5
Jan HorakBug 1216582 - [gtk3] Scrollbar buttons not drawn correctly. r=karlt a=lizzard - 807e612c17ef
Bas SchoutenBug 1216349: Upload the old valid region as well if our texture host changed. r=nical a=lizzard - 94c40ce2d93b
Andrew ComminosBug 1218008 - Fix progress bar rendering on the Ambiance GTK3 theme. r=karlt a=lizzard - 51585d9e70eb
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1220033 - Don't use fuzz arithmetic for calculating internal buffered ranges. r=gerald, a=lizzard - f6fa2e5fb632
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - remove unnecessary DispatchResized() parameters. r=roc, a=lizzard - 6ceeb10435a8
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - avoid DispatchResized() during size-allocate. r=roc, a=lizzard - c134a04010a0
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - keep an extra reference to the window. r=roc, a=lizzard - bc7eea62ab83
Robert LongsonBug 1222812 - add a null check in case there is no old style. r=dholbert a=lizzard - d35d09b0b24f
Nathan FroydBug 1217047 - try harder in IsContractIDRegistered to return a reasonable answer; r=bsmedberg,f=yury a=lizzard - c66289e84c50
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 pass newly allocated runnable to NS_DispatchToCurrentThread() r=roc a=bustage - e4802c73f705
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1218326: Prevent datachannel operations on closed PeerConnections. r=jesup a=lizzard - d8f0412f38f7

Firefox 43 beta2 to beta3

2015-11-13 20:30:08 +0000

Some EME fixes, more telemetry in this beta. The rest of the changes are in diverse components.

  • 35 changesets
  • 80 files changed
  • 2152 insertions
  • 788 deletions



List of changesets:

Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of capture stop only in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - b199ea9f265c
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of stopped tracks in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - 1babaebeccc6
Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1210852 - do SelectSettings of device capabilities on media thread. a=lizzard - c458ad434a12
Andreas PehrsonBug 1070216 - Properly manage lifetime of allocated CaptureDevices. r=jib a=lizzard - 3705005d2190
Wes KocherBacked out 4 changesets (Bug 1210852, Bug 1103188, Bug 1070216) for various crashes with mediamanager.cpp assertions a=backout - 4e86a0d1261a
Paolo AmadiniBug 1207089 - Telemetry for permission notifications. r=MattN, r=vladan, a=Sylvestre - 0b662011620c
Mark FinkleBug 1219895 - Cleanup the 'share.1' telemetry probes by adding extra context. r=margaret, a=sylvestre - 4640472b4c72
Mark FinkleBug 1219895 - Build bustage - Remove unwanted param. r=me, a=bustage - 74993763ef07
Chris PearceBug 1193610 - Also use SystemParametersInfo to block screen saver on Windows, so it works on WinXP and Vista. r=jimm,a=lizzard - fabe9ce33dc2
Robert O'CallahanBug 1209994 - Fix a couple of issues that make the percentage-height-calculation.html test unreliable. r=bz, a=sylvestre - 26ef30e81468
Robert O'CallahanBug 1209994 - Take block-wrapper path only for blocks that are wrappers. r=bz, a=sylvestre - 278b5140a696
Jonas SickingBug 1213646 - Allow URI_IS_UI_RESOURCE and safe about: URIs when SEC_ALLOW_CHROME is set. r=bz a=ritu, a=lizzard - 7d24cb4584fc
Cameron McCormackBug 1222226 - Don't return eRestyleResult_StopWithStyleChange if the old style context is shared. r=dbaron, a=lizzard - 5ff2e264e7ff
Jonas SickingBug 1211000 - Move CORS preflight logic from nsCORSListenerProxy to nsCORSPreflightListener. r=ehsan, a=lizzard - 9576cf65c2b5
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1174674 - Clear out all pending pings when FHR is deactived. r=gfritzsche, a=lizzard - e7f899e48fc6
Jim ChenBug 1209465 - Work around TextComposition workaround. r=esawin, a=lizzard - 5ffeff840220
Dragana DamjanovicBug 1185256 - Save originURI to the history. r=bz ba=lizzard, a=lizzard - 8b8a66145292
Dragana DamjanovicBug 1211269 - Store the information whether the channel is LOAD_REPLACE into history entry. r=bz ba=lizzard, a=lizzard - 23d25d9a94d7
Dragana DamjanovicBug 1213267 - Fix view-source address. r=bz ba=lizzard, a=lizzard - d8c7509ddad0
Nick ThomasBug 1220641 - Push to mirrors prefix is too greedy. r=rail, a=release-automation DONTBUILD - 9669bc030ba7
Jan de MooijBug 1218111 - Fix property enumeration order of unboxed objects with expando properties. r=bhackett, a=lizzard - 842a741af958
Chris PearceBug 1207019 - Remove WMF availability check in MediaKeySystemAccess requests. r=edwin,a=lizzard - 45f9754edccf
Chris PearceBug 1207019 - Make EME mochitests specify mime types for video in MediaKeys request videoTypes, ditto for audio. r=gerald,a=lizzard - d7438e734352
Chris PearceBug 1189196 - Rename MediaKeySystemOptions to MediaKeySystemConfiguration and update WebIDL. r=bz,a=lizzard - 0851006030fe
Chris PearceBug 1189196 - Process MediaKeySystemConfiguration in navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess. r=jwwang,a=lizzard - 0c3338032dc3
Chris PearceBug 1189196 - Clean up logging of navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess. r=jwwang,a=lizzard - 83b2962d6861
Chris PearceBug 1189196 - Update EME mochitest to use new navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess. r=jwwang,a=lizzard - ba6b7797e925
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1220033 - Fix HTMLMediaElement::seekable attribute for Mediasource. r=gerald, a=lizzard - 84b0b59ed1d2
Robert O'CallahanBug 1222308 - Assume frames that are very old will never be composited. r=nical, a=lizzard - 8c199302644e
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - null-check mInputBuffer in SizeOfExcludingThis(). r=padenot, a=lizzard - 9fbc92fa9e4b
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - test Web Audio memory reporting r=erahm, a=lizzard - decfff8497ce
Mats PalmgrenBug 1092626 - Don't try to restore the scroll position if the frame is still dirty or has dirty children. r=roc a=lizzard - c580b1ad0f23
Martin StranskyBug 1219717 - Derive text color/background from GtkTextView. r=karlt a=lizzard - a59d9d8978ad
Andrew ComminosBug 1209774 - Transform from GDK coords to layout device pixels before calling DispatchEvent. r=karlt a=lizzard - 26f64ca8f630
Wes KocherBacked out changeset decfff8497ce (Bug 1221855) for adding a broken test a=backout - e4629e309487

Firefox 43 beta1 to beta2

2015-11-13 20:25:07 +0000

For this second beta of the cycle, some telemetry changes for Fennec, some videos improvements and releng fixes.

  • 34 changesets
  • 46 files changed
  • 733 insertions
  • 145 deletions



List of changesets:

Jordan LundBug 1220765 - 43.0b1 build1 fennec repacks failing to upload and submit to taskcluster, DONTBUILD r=rail, a=releases - 6e78daec52af
Nick ThomasBug 1221386, checksums failing in 43.0b1, r=jlund a=automation DONTBUILD - 9211dd55954e
Rail AliievBug 1218763 - Antivirus should retry on SSLError, r=nthomas, a=lizzard DONTBUILD - 40ae04af867c
Rail AliievBug 1218763 - Antivirus should retry on SSLError. r=nthomas a=lizzard DONTBUILD - f2f176ef9b45
Rail AliievBug 1220641 - Push to mirrors prefix is too greedy. r=Callek,a=ritu DONTBUILD - 6a65996ee241
Dave TownsendBug 1220198 - Never appDisable experiments if they don't have the right app compatibility information available. r=rhelmer, a=lizzard - b87f9e2d6355
Margaret LeibovicBug 1218858 - Update tracking protection language in about:privatebrowsing (string change for en-US uplift only). r=mfinkle, L10n=flod, a=lizzard - eb3dd7f7d487
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1217170: P1. Rename functions to explicitly reflect what they are doing. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe a=lizzard - 0e749793c4c6
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1217170: [MSE] P2. Enable WebM/MSE on systems with no MP4/H264 support. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe a=lizzard - 75d6468d0be1
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1211404 - Limit the length of addon description (& other text fields) in Telemetry. r=gfritzsche, a=sylvestre - e31f1aa9d84d
Jim ChenBug 1199658 - Add test for text duplication when JS resets input value; r=esawin, a=lizzard - eae5e25b18b5
Jim ChenBug 1199658 - Don't commit Java composition when Gecko side commits its composition; r=esawin, a=lizzard - 6a0b1216e1a5
Mark FinkleBug 1219447 - Add a UI Telemetry probe for the 'Add to Reading List' web context menu. r=margaret, a=sylvestre - e728e4f632e5
Mark FinkleBug 1219882 - Add a 'save.1' probe for the 'Bookmark Link' web context menu. r=margaret, a=sylvestre - a54630b3ac76
Andreas PehrsonBug 1216417 - Make sure audio output streams are created after adding an audio output. r=baku, r=roc, a=ritu, a=sylvestre - 37d6cc360023
Andreas PehrsonBug 1216417 - Add logging for audio and video output changes in MSG. r=roc, a=ritu, a=sylvestre - 09bdeec1b65c
Timothy NikkelBug 1219501 - In imagelib, initialize the number of cores to at least 1 in case of error. r=seth, a=ritu - 412a3f1e075f
Timothy NikkelBug 1219501 - Limit total number of image decoding threads to 32 regardless of number asked for. r=seth, a=ritu - c26f56bea5e9
Sebastian KaspariBug 1182918 - Tab Queue: Add telemetry for double tap action. r=mfinkle, a=sylvestre - ee8a828b4974
Jim ChenBug 1213888 - Block LayerView descendants from interfering with focus. r=kats, a=ritu, a=sylvestre - 90cae878a97e
Jed DavisBug 1207790 - Fix sandbox build for older Linux distributions. r=gdestuynder, a=sylvestre - 89e3c373b3a4
Kyle MachulisBug 1218952 - Add support for object tags to youtube telemetry tracking; r=cpeterson, a=sylvestre - be9dcc3b97b3
JW WangBug 1220551. Part 1 - fix the parameters passed to mBufferedState->NotifyDataArrived(). r=jya, a=sylvestre - 9eb17d1e915c
Gijs KruitboschBug 1221444, r=bz, a=sylvestre - 1692a311615d
Mason ChangBug 1220699 - Add telemetry probe to measure vsync latency in the refresh driver in chrome process. r=avih, a=sylvestre - d681ec6fe6b2
Jim ChenBug 1219833 - Respect composition underline color; r=masayuki, a=sylvestre - cd32550ec7fe
Neil RashbrookBug 1211708 - Allow themes to specify XBL bindings even in unprivileged documents. r=sicking, a=sylvestre - 1a56a93a6292
Karl TomlinsonBug 1220037 - pack and unpack Nyquist for MOZ_LIBAV_FFT. r=padenot, a=sylvestre - ab27c2db7e68
Karl TomlinsonBug 1220037 - test convolution. r=padenot, a=sylvestre - d3b021968c63
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1219134: P1. Fix pts calculation in FFmpeg video decoder. r=edwin a=sylvestre - ce3f2c696251
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1219134: P2. Use LibAV/FFmpeg logic to detect invalid pts. r=edwin a=sylvestre - dc997e552ee6
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1219134: P3. Properly set the keyframe flag. r=edwin a=sylvestre - 93eddf049b08
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1219134: P4. Properly assign the decoded sample duration. r=edwin a=sylvestre - 0056c6a320b7
Timothy NikkelBug 1199131 - Crash when click on a SELECT wich has at least 1 OPTION with background-attachment:fixed and a background. r=mstange, a=lizzard - c6d927b2b229

Firefox 42 rc1 to rc2

2015-11-02 15:55:37 +0000

  • 7 changesets
  • 15 files changed
  • 168 insertions
  • 57 deletions



List of changesets:

Wes KocherMerge beta to m-r a=merge - a09f90a74e72
Wes KocherMerge beta to m-r a=merge - 7c0672cba1de
Rail AliievBug 1218914 - Add win64 bouncer configs. r=nthomas DONTBUILD on a CLOSED TREE a=lizzard - e59a1a631240
Steven MichaudBug 1187613 - Error: cannot initialize a variable of type 'const CGEventField' with an rvalue of type 'int' if build with 10.11 SDK. r=spohl a=sylvestre - 5aecc34603af
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1218157: Only ever read from cached data in NotifyDataArrived. r=cpearce a=sylvestre - 2216fd8a49fe
Ryan VanderMeulenMerge beta to m-r. a=merge - 68048d187998
Chris PearceBug 1205083 - Don't enable low latency WMF video decoding as it crashes sometimes. r=jya, a=sylvestre - 4661413507b3