Firefox 38.0.1 to 38.0.5b1

For this first beta of this special cycle, we took two kind of changes:

  • the Pocket feature
  • stability fixes

  • 59 changesets
  • 226 files changed
  • 12063 insertions
  • 919 deletions



List of changesets:

Shane CaraveoBug 936426 - Fix intermittent error, reduce testing to what we actually need here. r=markh, a=test-only - f33925faccee
Ryan VanderMeulenMerge release to beta. CLOSED TREE - f84585d763a5
Rail AliievBug 1158760 - Wrong branding on the 38 Beta 8, backout d27c9211ebb3. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE a=release ba=release - b91226cec861
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset b1bfde2ccb22 to revert back to beta branding while Fx 38.0.5 is still shipping betas. - 27bacb9dff64
Ed LeeBug 1161245 - Backout Suggested Tiles (Bug 1120311) from 38.0.5 [a=sylvestre, a=lmandel] - 9a494b64194e
Margaret LeibovicBug 1144822 - Hide elements with common hidden class names in reader content. r=Gijs, a=sledru - e4a70d181871
Margaret LeibovicBug 1154028 - Move reader content styles to scoped style sheet. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 80a9584ac5e4
Margaret LeibovicBug 1154028 - Move reader controls styles to scoped style sheet. r=Gijs, a=sledru - c64ca42b7490
Blake WintonBug 1158302 - Increase the Font Size of Reader's H1 and H2 Headers. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Gijs, a=lizzard - 3058929d4335
Blake WintonBug 1158294 - Increase Reader Views Default Type Size. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=margaret, a=lizzard - 8cba8416a229
Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1134507 - Implement infopanel to promote Reader View when first available. r=Gijs, a=sledru - f53c601dafa3
Blake WintonBug 1158281 - Match Pocket's Reader View Sepia Theme. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=margaret, a=sledru - 810e81a9bced
Gijs KruitboschBug 1154063 - Fix CSS issue in aboutReader.css. r=bwinton, a=sledru - cc2718d0f570
Gijs KruitboschBug 1158322 - force-display-none the toolbar and footer when printing. r=margaret, a=sledru - 16cdaa6a3712
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1131931 - Skip various tests on OSX and Windows debug for intermittent crashes. a=test-only - 010ace914d50
Morris TsengBug 1151111 - Append iframe2 after iframe1 has loaded. r=kchen, a=test-only - e4e557754405
Maire ReavyBug 1159659 - Allow tab sharing on XP and OSX 10.6. r=pkerr, a=lizzard - db14fef19c05
Margaret LeibovicBug 1158228 - Merge github's readability code into m-c. a=sledru - 503f9aa61c25
Margaret LeibovicBug 1158228 - Disable visibility check helper function to avoid test bustage. a=sledru - 46b968653f4d
Jared WeinBug 1155523 - Implement Pocket toolbarbutton and subview. r=gijs - 3e9805c11aa3
Florian QuèzeBug 1156878 - Send a request to the server when clicking the Pocket toolbar button, r=jaws. - 16e406d46c18
Jared WeinBug 1159744 - Use the panel implementations from the Pocket add-on for the Pocket feature. r=dolske - 1c86609b511c
Florian QuèzeBug 1155518 - Implement "Save to Pocket" context menu item, r=jaws. - 0a18ef5ab9b7
Florian QuèzeBug 1155519 - Add "View Pocket Items" menuitem to the bookmarks menu, r=dolske. - a1b09394f8c5
Jared WeinBug 1161654 - Import latest Pocket code. r=dolske - 3d9d572c9ec4
Jared WeinBug 1160578 - Disable the Pocket button for logged-in users on internal Firefox pages. r=dolske - 77ec9aee0263
Jared WeinBug 1161654 - Remove some dead code in Pocket.jsm and use pktApi for checking if the user is logged in. r=dolske - 125c7dbe7528
Jared WeinBug 1160678 - Pocket door hangers arent automatically closed. r=dolske a=sledru - 53b766c68811
Gavin SharpBug 1138079 - Fix focus issue that sometimes affects browser-chrome test runs. r=enndeakin, a=test-only - 96da8302e8a2
Justin DolskeBug 1162198 - [EME] Doorhanger that notifies user of DRM usage should include a Learn More link. r=gijs, a=sledru - 121ed6b9b6dd
David MajorBug 1155836: Template on aComputeData in the DoGetStyle* helpers. r=dbaron f=bz a=sylvestre - 7e44bac27dd6
Randell JesupBug 1162251: Fix WebRTC jitter buffer ignoring partial frames if the packet holds a complete NAL r=ehugg a=sylvestre - 124857c54a1b
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1161317: Fix bug where sendonly video RTCP would be treated as outgoing RTP r=jesup a=sylvestre - 62ee103ccbbe
Gijs KruitboschBug 1158884 - hide pocket on android, fix AboutReader.jsm on android, r=margaret,jaws a=dolske - 20872d739a18
Jared WeinBug 1158960 - Reader view is broken in e10s mode. r=Gijs a=dolske - 92c7576dce37
Jared WeinBug 1159410 - Update the Pocket toolbar icon highlight to coral. r=dolske a=dolske - 8c8f410e61e8
Justin DolskeBug 1161796 - Remove unused strings from Pocket. r=jaws a=dolske: - 52bc3790d7b0
Justin DolskeBug 1160663 - Allow hilighting the Pocket button via UITour. r=MattN a=sledru - 1701e22c91f6
Gijs KruitboschBug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 1, CustomizableUI changes). r=jaws, a=dolske - 6be4fccbdfa3
Drew WillcoxonBug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 2, migration). r=jaws, a=dolske - 257c096c7673
Gijs KruitboschBug 1161838 - fix positioning of newly added widgets, r=jaws a=dolske - 2eeb61f35995
Jared WeinBug 1162735 - Re-add code that got removed accidentally to fix context menus. r=florian a=dolske - ccec3836123c
Jared WeinBug 1161793 - Wait to run the Pocket popupshowing code until the popupshowing event is dispatched, same for the popupshown code. r=dolske a=dolske - 18bf7b4baaac
Justin DolskeBug 1161881 - Enable Pocket by default (in supported locales), r=gavin a=sledru - 067c9c7a5e75
Justin DolskeBug 1162253 - Update the Pocket Menu Icon with the correct aspect ratios. r=jaws, a=dolske - 3f2619b0d039
Justin DolskeBug 1162147 - "View Pocket List" menuitem should be at top of bookmarks menu. r=jaws, a=dolske - 740f3d68a0f6
Justin DolskeBug 1163349 - "View Pocket List" menuitem not working. r=gavin, a=dolske - 83c0c74947a3
Jared WeinBug 1163111 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 7th code drop). r=dolske a=dolske - a1c5d7a6a784
Drew WillcoxonBug 1162283 - Add support for limited hard-coded localizations to Pocket. r=dolske, a=dolske - e7c47480555d
Justin DolskeBug 1163265 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 8th code drop) r=jaws, a=dolske - 86e98ffc152b
Justin DolskeBug 1163360 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 9th code drop) r=jaws, a=dolske - f4179577249b
Justin DolskeBug 1163319 - Pocket button in hamburger menu breaks layout. r=jaws, a=dolske - 32b69592b334
Shane CaraveoBug 1024253 - Fix chat tests on ubuntu. r=markh, a=test-only - 5081fb1d38f0
Tim TaubertBug 961215 - Fix intermittent browser_tabview_bug625269.js failures by taking into account that window.resizeTo() can fail to change the window size sometimes. r=MattN, a=test-only - 97b29f79be5c
Margaret LeibovicBug 1160577 - Set styles on #reader-message div instead of wrapper div. r=MattN a=sledru - ad9164105253
Florian QuèzeBug 1160076 - Hide the in-content preferences Search pane when is false. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 855c88138927
Gijs KruitboschBug 1162917 - Update readability from github repo. a=sledru - 5fc66f6dd277
Margaret LeibovicBug 1129029 - Telemetry probes for reader mode performance. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 85229fbaf017
Justin DolskeBug 1163645 - Pocket only enabled on en-US, hard-coded locales aren't picked up. r=adw, a=dolske - fff143cacb66