Firefox 43 beta3 to beta4

In this beta, many changes to improve the support of GTK3+ for the GNU/Linux users. Besides that, some changes to increase the stability of Fennec.

  • 31 changesets
  • 39 files changed
  • 743 insertions
  • 283 deletions



List of changesets:

Wes KocherBacked out changeset 9fbc92fa9e4b (Bug 1221855) because I backed out the other half a=backout - 51f0f13e7985
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1213780 - Fix Telemetry reporting repeated hang annotations for Chrome hangs. r=aklotz a=lizzard - 2fd90a7f326e
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1211411 - Limit the number of thread hang stats reported to Telemetry. r=vladan a=lizzard - 59e6a978773f
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1215540 - Fix Telemetry reporting repeated hang annotations for Thread hangs. r=aklotz a=lizzard - 12762fdf5ab6
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1219751 - Change the the depth limit of the thread hangs stack to use the 99th percentile. r=gfritzsche a=lizzard - 6cabb1a43af6
Chris H-CBug 1198196 - rework EVENTLOOP_UI_LAG_EXP_MS to record all lag. r=vladan a=lizzard - ffc3382d3829
Chris H-CBug 1223800 - Accept BHR reports from 50% of beta clients. Up from 1%. r=vladan a=lizzard - aaa5100e2085
Vladan DjericBug 1223800: Fix broken build -- Telemetry on aurora & beta doesn't know about the bug_numbers field yet. a=broken - ec4b13420b71
Bill McCloskeyBug 1218552 - Fix GTK drag-and-drop coordinate scaling on HiDPI displays. r=karlt a=lizzard - 581b3e8f954f
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - test Web Audio memory reporting r=erahm, a=test-only - 93d92b8c2b6c
Karl TomlinsonBug 1221855 - null-check mInputBuffer in SizeOfExcludingThis(). r=padenot, a=lizzard - 294b55e22276
Karl TomlinsonBug 1218552 - make GdkPointToDevicePixels() public to fix build. a=lizzard - 844ff2b4f267
L. David BaronBug 1222783 - Make nsHTMLFramesetFrame::Reflow set firstTime based on what firstTime means. r=roc approval-mozilla-beta=lizzard - 7947f1e4ca76
Jeff GilbertBug 1209612 - Only QueryString with null if supported. r=jmuizelaar, a=lizzard - d720ce07c464
James WillcoxBug 1221228 - Work around busted OpenSL causing hangs/reboots on Android. r=padenot, a=sylvestre - 4af91393a8f8
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of capture stop only in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - 1540124e58cd
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Keep track of stopped tracks in gUM stream listener. r=jib a=lizzard - e3fad0bd414e
Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1210852 - do SelectSettings of device capabilities on media thread. r=jib a=lizzard - 1ffe42de58bd
Andreas PehrsonBug 1070216 - Properly manage lifetime of allocated CaptureDevices. r=jib a=lizzard - 98d9576c7d13
Andreas PehrsonBug 1103188 - Always call MediaManager::NotifyFinished/NotifyRemoved on main thread. r=jib a=lizzard - 5ca6857c26e5
Jan HorakBug 1216582 - [gtk3] Scrollbar buttons not drawn correctly. r=karlt a=lizzard - 807e612c17ef
Bas SchoutenBug 1216349: Upload the old valid region as well if our texture host changed. r=nical a=lizzard - 94c40ce2d93b
Andrew ComminosBug 1218008 - Fix progress bar rendering on the Ambiance GTK3 theme. r=karlt a=lizzard - 51585d9e70eb
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1220033 - Don't use fuzz arithmetic for calculating internal buffered ranges. r=gerald, a=lizzard - f6fa2e5fb632
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - remove unnecessary DispatchResized() parameters. r=roc, a=lizzard - 6ceeb10435a8
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - avoid DispatchResized() during size-allocate. r=roc, a=lizzard - c134a04010a0
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 - keep an extra reference to the window. r=roc, a=lizzard - bc7eea62ab83
Robert LongsonBug 1222812 - add a null check in case there is no old style. r=dholbert a=lizzard - d35d09b0b24f
Nathan FroydBug 1217047 - try harder in IsContractIDRegistered to return a reasonable answer; r=bsmedberg,f=yury a=lizzard - c66289e84c50
Karl TomlinsonBug 726483 pass newly allocated runnable to NS_DispatchToCurrentThread() r=roc a=bustage - e4802c73f705
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1218326: Prevent datachannel operations on closed PeerConnections. r=jesup a=lizzard - d8f0412f38f7