Firefox 36 beta8 to beta9

Just this once, we built a beta 9 for mobile and the Desktop & Mobile beta have been built from different changes (69a8d311ddd6 for mobile). We disabled D2D 1.1 to experiment the effect on the crash rate. We also stopped the Flash protected mode experiment. Finally, we landed some patches to fix regressions on image diplay.

  • 24 changesets
  • 37 files changed
  • 518 insertions
  • 191 deletions



List of changesets:

Mark FinkleBug 1117186 - fix geo-specific search default perferences (bad merge) r=margaret a=sylvestre - ff6bff2f5694
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1120993 - Backout changesets 6dbb4d7aa57d (Bug 1125891) and 78a8db05e964 (Bug 1119941) to enable Flash protected-mode. a=sledru - d02e363ecb6f
Bas SchoutenBug 1083245 - Pop all clips before copying to the destination blending surface. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 33a2305f846a
Dan GohmanBug 1129088 - IonMonkey: Revert Bug 1100685 and add a comment. r=jandem, a=sledru - 3ef577b545b8
Dan GohmanBug 1117165 - IonMonkey: After replacing an instruction and deleting it, check whether the replacement has been deleted too. r=nbp, a=sledru - a00e758a0460
Yury DelendikBug 1130032 - Missing plugin UI is broken. r=mconley, a=sledru - 5cfeb5068e2b
Mike ConnorBug 1126511 - Update Yahoo search plugins to use per-access point tags for better reporting/analysis, Fennec portion. r=margaret, r=mfinkle, a=lmandel - 6e32981aaf6d
Mike ConnorBug 1126511 - Update Yahoo search plugins to use per-access point tags for better reporting/analysis, Desktop portion. r=gavin, a=lmandel - 519db3f2d282
Jan de MooijBug 1128196 - Don't relazify scripts with a TypeScript. r=till, a=lmandel - 2f97ce37f5c4
Mike de BoerBug 1113896: toggle the Loop panel upon clicking the toolbar button. r=MattN, a=sylvestre - 3287468f6460
Milan SreckovicBug 1128972 - Disable D2D 1.1 on Fx36. r=bschouten, a=sledru - 7c472ea5e3b3
Justin WoodBug 1129388 - Define MSRangeRemovalAction in MediaSource.h where it is exposed. r=jya, a=sledru - e95df19f3b70
James WillcoxBug 1126454 - Load mozglue in PasswordsProvider.onCreate() instead of constructor and install crash handler. r=rnewman, a=sledru - 61a56699e22d
L. David BaronBug 983817 - Pad heap allocations passed to flag_qsort() on x86 Linux to work around gcc bug affecting Ubuntu packages. r=froydnj, a=sledru - ca56ab5d9989
Mike ConnorBug 1131825 - Fennec distribution code doesn't handle localized preferences correctly. r=rnewman, a=sledru - 9295bf4a3442
Paul AdenotBug 1131768 - Unlock before tearing down the stream in case of error, to avoid recursive locking. r=kinetik, a=sledru - 69a8d311ddd6
Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如)Bug 1121558 - Remove message listener after test-success. r=smaug, a=test-only - 8b7f4835bd47
Tim TaubertBug 1123344 - Request a longer timeout for browser_cookies.js. r=yoric, a=test-only - 6d2cd80ee4e9
Jean-Yves AvenardBug 1128939 - Part 1: Ensure we have any space in the media buffer before writing. r=k17e, a=abillings - 783f63db37da
Nathan FroydBug 1036515 - Narrow the scope of unlocking mMonitor in nsTimerImpl::PostTimerEvents. r=bsmedberg, a=abillings - 78815ed2e606
Mike de BoerBug 1121210: notify UITour when the active tab changes and don't show the get started info panel when the rooms tab is not selected. r=MattN, a=sylvestre - 6c0ded9eb9aa
Seth FowlerBug 1130328 - Part 1: Add support for an optional frame-space damage rect to nsIFrame::InvalidateLayer. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru - eb77152f1233
Seth FowlerBug 1130328 - Part 2: Update nsImageFrame to always use InvalidateLayer when handling FRAME_UPDATE. r=tn, a=sledru - 95d83f3422fc
Matthew GreganBug 1131788 - cubeb: Unable to use InterlockedAdd64 on MSVC2010 (and mingw). r=padenot, a=sledru - 57f79302248f