Firefox 36 beta6 to beta7

In this beta, we disabled MSE. The feature was not ready for the release channel. The work on this feature will continue in aurora (currently, 37). In the meantime, some various crashers have been fixed.

Note that, for this beta, Windows updates have not been enabled for our users (only GNU/Linux and Mac OS X) because Youtube is proposed MSE videos for 36 beta users. This should be fixed today (Monday).

  • 45 changesets
  • 82 files changed
  • 1555 insertions
  • 1041 deletions



List of changesets:

Michael ComellaBug 1096958 - Part 2: Null mGrid's OnItemClickListener when destroying the view. r=liuche, a=sylvestre - c860bf9bc4a8
Chris PearceBug 1123535 - Revert bbc98a8c8142 to reland Bug 1123535. r=me a=sledru - 41fac15f269a
Chris PearceBug 1123535 - Make dormant ResetPlayback assertion more lenient. r=me a=KWierso on a CLOSED TREE - f74e583e724f
Jon CoppeardBug 1127246 - Add a post barrier to the baseShapes table r=terrence a=sylvestre - e0a36c5bdf4c
JW WangBug 1105720 - Have a larger timeout value for the very slow B2G emulator. r=cpearce, a=test-only - f8616422302f
Brian HackettBug 1127987 - Fix transposed parent/metadata arguments in EmptyShape::getInitialShape. r=jandem, a=sledru - e8ae7bc725af
Naoki HirataBug 1128113 - Skip mSharedDecoderManager which is part of MozMP4. r=jya, a=sledru - 07cc8d56cde8
Michael ComellaBug 1090287 - Check that the selected tab is not null before updating progress visibility. r=rnewman, a=lmandel - 0a9d521bf670
James WillcoxBug 1108709 - Don't chdir on Android. r=glandium, a=sledru - 2e542912a7c0
Patrick McManusBug 1128038 - h2 DAV methods set end_stream bit twice r=hurley a=sledru - 13fa209bd0b0
Glenn Randers-PehrsonBug 1102048 - Make image/src files comply with the Mozilla Coding Style Guide. r=seth, a=NPOTB - 5c93fa7cc6d5
Ryan VanderMeulenTemporarily backout Bug 1120149 because it conflicts with other uplifts. - 914dfaa20eef
Seth FowlerBug 1112956 - Add IProgressObserver to permit more than one class to observe ProgressTracker. r=tn, a=sledru - 842d25881e21
Seth FowlerBug 1112972 - Part 1: Minor refactoring to prepare for MultipartImage. r=tn, a=sledru - 28f4806f60ee
Seth FowlerBug 1112972 - Part 2: Add MultipartImage and use it for multipart/x-mixed-replace image loading. r=tn, a=sledru - 438fed84c7c3
Seth FowlerBug 1112972 - Part 3: Remove almost all special handling of multipart images in RasterImage. r=tn, a=sledru - c858f34b8153
Seth FowlerBug 1112972 - Part 4: Remove Image::OnNewSourceData. r=tn, a=sledru - c4689eff54db
Seth FowlerBug 1112972 - Part 5: Remove almost all special handling of multipart images in ProgressTracker. r=tn, a=sledru - 274a8354e230
Seth FowlerBug 1120149 - Add a hack to resolve an AWSY regression in Gecko 36. r=tn, a=sledru - 7422906b1a32
James LongBug 1107682 - Clean up the way we set breakpoints on newly introduced scripts. r=fitzgen, a=sledru - 484b4f09fa9f
James WillcoxBug 1062758 - Try to shutdown gracefully on Android. r=mfinkle, a=sledru - 8f1e0a224fb4
Jon CoppeardBug 1123394 - Stop spurious re-entry of shell interrupt callback. r=shu, a=sledru - 6d9a99b090f5
Jonathan WattBug 1127507 - Get transforms on the children of SVG <mask> working. r=dholbert, a=sledru - a6b21fce4c12
Seth FowlerBug 1125401 - Replace ProgressTracker::IsLoading() with checks of the correct progress flags. r=tn, a=sledru - 41f8742f7c93
Milan SreckovicBug 1081911 - Null pointer check (wallpaper) for destDTBufferOnWhite. r=mattwoodrow, a=sledru - 8f52ac825ba7
Bobby HolleyBug 1120241 - Schedule the state machine when setting logical decoder state. r=cpearce a=lmandel - b0684ad8a47c
Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1122830 - Remove pinned tab APIs from UITour. r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 32f28bbf1fb4
Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1110602 - Don't remove tour tabs from originTabs when switching tabs so they can continue to get notifications. r=Unfocused, a=sledru - ba8e83fca8f2
Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1089000 - UITour: Remove broken code for detaching a tab to a new window. r=Unfocused, a=sledru - fe2ce463edba
Justin DolskeBug 1118831 - Loop: Click to add Hello icon to toolbar. r=mattn, a=sledru - b005871a2349
Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1125764 - Allow tour pages to hide UITour annotations and menus when losing visibility. r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 756c22d18cdf
Jared WeinBug 1115153 - Loop: Create API to allow web to retrieve the loop.gettingStarted.seen pref. r=MattN, a=sledru - 5690b3943d75
Rail AliievBug 1128953 - Rename win64 FTP directory. r=mshal, a=lmandel - e7fd0d7ff120
Jon CoppeardBug 1124563 - Fixup base shape table after moving GC r=terrence a=sylvestre - 5eae334a2b31
Dave TownsendBug 1129567: Revert page-mod to a non-e10s compliant version to fix jank when loading r=jsantell, a=sledru - 18d9d9422db6
Seth FowlerBug 1126490 - Part 1: Recover when catastrophic circumstances cause us to lose frames in RasterImage. r=tn, a=sledru - b1db02330579
Seth FowlerBug 1126490 - Part 2: Recover from loss of surfaces in VectorImage. r=dholbert, a=sledru - 3be92206bfd0
Mark BannerBug 1127557 - Invalid preference type getting/setting loop.ot.guid. r=jaws, a=sledru - 4155bf349dbb
Matt WoodrowBug 1128179 - Avoiding crash when appending data after decoder initialization failed. r=jya, a=lmandel - a5992bd7d600
Margaret LeibovicBug 1128521 - Don't use API 17+ method in search activity. r=mfinkle, a=sledru - 9b1ff4e3ca58
Matt WoodrowBug 1114976 - Don't try to free TextureClients if allocation failed. r=nical, a=sledru - 74c4e5bdde78
Ralph GilesBug 1129039 - Disable MSE support entirely. r=cajbir, a=sledru - 14d3deb83b7f
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1029545 - Disable browser_dbg_variables-view-popup-14.js for frequent failures on all platforms. a=test-only - 0ee8df1c21d6
Masatoshi KimuraBug 1116891 - Do fallback with RC4 cipher suites after PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR. r=bsmith, a=sledru - 886561600f49
Maire ReavyBug 1109467 - added to screensharing whitelist. r=jesup, a=sledru - 2807adaccd5f