Firefox 2015 release schedule

A final 2015 schedule for Firefox (Desktop, Mobile and ESR) has been defined.
Release owners can be found on the Mozilla wiki but might change during the 2015 year.

Firefox Version Release date
Firefox 43 2015-12-15
Firefox 42 2015-11-03
Firefox 41 2015-09-22
Firefox 40 2015-08-11
Firefox 39 2015-06-30
Firefox 38.0.5 2015-06-02
Firefox 38 (ESR base) 2015-05-12
Firefox 37 2015-03-31
Firefox 36 2015-02-24
Firefox 35 2015-01-13

As usual, Desktop, Mobile and ESR are going to be released on the same day.

A calendar containing only the date of the release and the merge is available under XML, iCal and HTML.

In parallel, the detailed calendar is published under various forms: XML, iCal and HTML.