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Firefox 36 in beta

2015-01-16 15:42:16 +0000

Firefox 36 (Desktop and Mobile) is now available on the beta channel.

The release notes are published on the Mozilla website:

This version introduces many new HTML5/CSS features, in particular the Media Source Extensions (MSE) API which allow native HTML5 playback on YouTube. The new preferences implementation is also enabled for the first half of the beta cycle, please help us to test this new feature!

On the mobile version of Firefox, we are also shipping the new Tablet user interface!

Download this new version:

And as usual, please report any issues.

Firefox Release management at FOSDEM

2015-01-15 14:31:16 +0000

Lukas and Sylvestre, two members of the release team, will be presenting the release management of Firefox.

They will present how Mozilla and the community have been releasing a major release every 6 weeks.

Where and when
Room: Janson
Day: Saturday
Start: 13:00
End: 13:50

Read their interview on the FOSDEM website.

Firefox 2015 release schedule

2015-01-13 12:02:16 +0000

A final 2015 schedule for Firefox (Desktop, Mobile and ESR) has been defined.
Release owners can be found on the Mozilla wiki but might change during the 2015 year.

Firefox Version Release date
Firefox 43 2015-12-15
Firefox 42 2015-11-03
Firefox 41 2015-09-22
Firefox 40 2015-08-11
Firefox 39 2015-06-30
Firefox 38.0.5 2015-06-02
Firefox 38 (ESR base) 2015-05-12
Firefox 37 2015-03-31
Firefox 36 2015-02-24
Firefox 35 2015-01-13

As usual, Desktop, Mobile and ESR are going to be released on the same day.

A calendar containing only the date of the release and the merge is available under XML, iCal and HTML.

In parallel, the detailed calendar is published under various forms: XML, iCal and HTML.

Firefox 34 release date moving to Dec 1/2

2014-11-18 14:02:16 +0000

The Firefox 34 release date will move out one week from Nov 25 to Dec 1/2. This change impacts Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird.
The purpose of this change is to allow for an additional week of stabilization during the 34 cycle.

Details of the change:

  • Release date change from Nov 25 to Dec 1/2 (need to determine the date that works best given the work week)
  • Merge date change from Tue, Nov 24 to Fri, Nov 28
  • Two additional desktop betas (10 and 11) will be added to the calendar this week on our usual beta build schedule (build Mon and Thu, release Tue and Fri)
  • One additional mobile beta (beta 11) will be added to the schedule.
    Note that mobile beta 10 will gtb on schedule on Mon.
    Mobile beta 11 will gtb on Thu with desktop in order to be ready early the following week.
  • RC builds will happen on Mon, Nov 24

Note that we are effectively moving an extra week that we had previously added to the 35 Beta cycle in the 34 Beta cycle. 35 will have a 7 week Aurora cycle instead of a 7 week Beta cycle.