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Firefox 38 beta1 to beta2

07 Apr 2015

In this second beta, we landed an important number of fixes.

We took changes to enable the suggested tiles in this release. We also uplifted a bunch of changes for the reading list, MSE and EME.

We also uplifted the fixes made for 37.0.1.

  • 123 changesets
  • 198 files changed
  • 5357 insertions
  • 1539 deletions



List of changesets:

Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset b4b774124dee (Bug 1105803) because tests are green without it. a=test-only - c71114667500
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset 0fa80dee3113 (Bug 1126639) because tests are green without it. a=test-only - 6604edc0f5da
Mark HammondBug 1149023 - fix errors deleting an already synced readinglist item. r=adw, a=readinglist - 4e05802f6eb4
Jared WeinBug 1147113 - Filter the article properties in ReaderParent.jsm instead of ReadingList.jsm. r=adw, a=readinglist - 7dded32396ba
Drew WillcoxonBug 1147554 - Lazily create desktop reading list's database connection. r=markh, a=readinglist - acc50d404648
Drew WillcoxonBug 1147554 - Lazily create desktop reading list's database connection (follow-up: revert erroneous chage). r=me, a=readinglist - 9104d1f928a7
Drew WillcoxonBug 1149105 - Fix various desktop reading list sync failures, add more logging. r=markh, a=readinglist - 818e63fbfba2
Marina SamuelBug 1126182: Extract related tiles data from links json and store for later selection. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 83bcf11d00ef
Marina SamuelBug 1126184: Part 1: Make DirectoryLinksProvider listen to PlacesProvider and update its _topSitesWithRelatedLinks cache. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 869ba4681d1b
Marina SamuelBug 1126184: Part 2: Select a single tile to show as the first unpinned tile based on a user's top sites. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 48564fb0e663
Marina SamuelBug 1126184: Part 3: Mochitest fixes for suggested tiles. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 1a007e477655
Marina SamuelBug 1126188: Show suggested tile explanation text under a suggested tile. r=adw, a=sylvestre - e9021ea8d7ca
Marina SamuelBug 1126186: Allow users to turn off all tiles that aren't history tiles and update newtab cogmenu wording. r=adw, a=sylvestre - db2b58500934
Marina SamuelBug 1145410: Return valid results when querying the provider cache while it's empty or being populated. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 56763fc69140
Marina SamuelBug 1143797 - Allow clicking on suggested explanation text to see overlay explaining the suggested tile. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 65f2aa5f2dd7
Marina SamuelBug 1143745 - Update the way Firefox reads directoryLinks.json sent from the server for the tiles v3 endpoint. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 745269d59b33
Marina SamuelBug 1136208 - Change all references of 'related' to 'suggested' r=adw, a=sylvestre - 60f350a6b8b8
Ed LeeBug 1140496 - Only show a suggested tile url for some number of times or until clicked [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - 4afccec73fb9
Ed LeeBug 1146249 - Tiles on the newtab page don't wrap properly [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - 6892b485a7e0
Marina SamuelBug 1146146 - Maximize the number of rows of tiles by reducing the suggested explanation maximum line count to 2 instead of 3 [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - 5fd426f495ff
Marina SamuelBug 1136203 - Remove thumbnail/title replacing functionality for history tiles. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 1d9b014f0414
Ed LeeBug 1149021 - Suggested tile with just an image shows a thumbnail instead [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - da2535172770
Marina SamuelBug 1105360: Only enhance tiles that are under the 'enhanced' key. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 311733df5675
Marina SamuelBug 1149680: Send the Firefox channel on fetch. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 96e8fba7c4c4
Marina SamuelBug 1149682: Don't cache (or show) sponsored suggested links. r=adw, a=sylvestre - 98144ed917cb
Ed LeeBug 1148862 - Update pref to the new v3 endpoint [r=adw, a=sylvestre] - daf8a9291a9b
Nick AlexanderBug 1140810 - Upload material (non-status) Reading List modifications. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - f1c7c471c2d8
Richard NewmanBug 1148432 - Sync reading list deletions. r=nalexander, a=readinglist - c27964aaa4c5
Nick AlexanderBug 1147473 - Expose Firefox Account debug information from Settings activity. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - ac9b83aca21f
Nick AlexanderBug 1142596 - Use cached FxA OAuth tokens in Reading List sync. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - 0aedf96a7cdc
Nick AlexanderBug 1148504 - Protect Firefox Account state with a critical section. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - 32b6b2c4a69e
Richard NewmanBug 1147473 - Follow-up: move ReadingListConstants to avoid build flag pain., a=readinglist - c5baf4b4a350
Nick AlexanderBug 1148029 - Disable Reading List sync when using custom endpoints. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - ec6516ecdd71
Nick AlexanderBug 1140812 - React to Backoff and Retry-After headers from Reading List storage servers. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - dff4ad268667
Nick AlexanderBug 1140813 - Schedule periodic Reading List syncs. r=rnewman, a=readinglist - 27f61020a9e4
Sebastian KaspariBug 1143280 - DateTimePicker: Replace deprecated DateFormat constants with local constants. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre - 14eb337e419a
Sebastian KaspariBug 1143280 - SearchBar: Suppress deprecation warnings in constructor to allow building with API level 22. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre - f546eff14959
Jeff MuizelaarBug 1137716 - Fix driver version typo. a=lmandel - 25d2e5abebec
Milan SreckovicBug 1149761 - Don't MOZ_CRASH if WARP fails. r=bas, a=lmandel - cf2036567077
Bas SchoutenBug 1149864 - Do not attempt to create any D3D11 device when safemode is turned on. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - c4e7a4be6f63
Patrick McManusBug 1148328 - Disable alt-svc. r=dveditz, a=lmandel - d7bbef9132a4
Randell JesupBug 1147857 - Be careful about WebRTC stats query creation. r=jib, a=lmandel - 2c5d97fcb993
Randell JesupBug 1147857 - Followup patch to continue BuildStats cleanup. r=jib, a=lmandel - 108255910fbf
Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1026815 - Disable test_bug565388.xul on Linux and OSX for frequent failures. a=test-only - 85c87a6f453f
L. David BaronBug 1123979 - Annotate known intermittent assertion on crashtest. a=test-only - 231768361c8b
Mark BannerBug 1139586 - Attempt to fix intermittent failures in Loop's Marionette unit tests by extending the timeout. r=mikedeboer, a=test-only - d30e64ad7e1f
Neil DeakinBug 822298 - Window isn't focused so spellchecking doesn't happen, use waitForFocus first. a=test-only - fdb4e8b3eedb
Martijn WargersBug 1148405 - Intermittent Mulet test_garbage_at_end_of_declarations.html,test_value_storage.html. r=smaug, a=test-only - 09687ee1bf7e
Neil DeakinBug 1121671 - See if using the TabSwitchDone event will work. a=test-only - 3f7826efc5de
Tim TaubertBug 1016312 - Fix intermittent browser_fullscreen-window-open.js failures by removing arbitrary timeouts. r=jaws, a=test-only - e98a992238e2
Patrick BrossetBug 1137771 - Intermittent browser_animation_play_pause_button.js. r=miker, a=test-only - b228af82453b
Neil DeakinBug 1150038 - Add a waitForFocus to this test. a=test-only - cf89394816b1
Jon CoppeardBug 1149997 - Add v8-v5/check-raytrace.js test to expected CGC timeouts list. r=terrence, a=test-only - cc9ac7031506
Tim TaubertBug 1120748 - Split browser_ssl_error_reports.js into multiple tasks. r=felipe, a=test-only - b9d2266daf60
Tim TaubertBug 1120748 - Ensure the progress listener created by createNetworkErrorMessagePromise() isn't GCed too early. r=felipe, a=test-only - 9c755cdc241c
Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset 3f7826efc5de (Bug 1121671) for test failures. - ffb13ef5ff0a
Chris PearceBug 1146201 - Delay navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess if CDM not downloaded yet or needs update. r=jwwang,ehsan a=sylvestre - b7e7470e83b3
Chris PearceBug 1146201 - Initiate check for GMP updates when JS requests CDM and we haven't installed it yet. r=spohl a=sylvestre - 9383010b69fe
Chris PearceBug 1146201 - Remove "we can't play EME because..." notifications when we successfully play EME. r=gijs a=sylvestre - 7a04aad0ab5d
Chris PearceBug 1146201 - Use message manager instead of observer service in GMPWrapper. r=markh a=sylvestre - c481e8a84a6c
Philip CheeBug 1142997 - Cannot Print from Composer and other <editor> elements r=mossop a=sylvestre - e65f5a19d0e4
Hector ZhaoBug 1146869 - Make AM_PATH_{NSPR,NSS} compatible with input version in the form of major.minor. r=glandium, a=NPOTB - 0fce0415d8b4
Matt WoodrowBug 1138260 - Add typed Microseconds class and use it for the range removal algorithm. r=jya, r=kinetik, a=sledru - 67259acf0c1e
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1138323 - Use https instead of http in Heartbeat's browser.selfsupport.url. r=ttaubert, a=sledru - bfe014dd05ef
Alessio PlacitelliBug 1137481 - Adjust the Heartbeat UI and add a Learn More link. r=MattN, a=sledru - 94de32e773b8
Deepak KoliBug 1039540 - In-content preferences: Disable the sorting of rows of sub-dialogs when right clicking. r=MattN, a=sledru - a9d533ac9ff4
Jed DavisBug 1146116 - Clone File objects passed to mozSetFileArray into receiver's global. r=sicking, a=sledru - d3e9b16fc53f
Seth FowlerBug 1148684 - Compact SourceBuffer even if it contains only one chunk. r=tn, a=sledru - ca8eaf3366e5
Seth FowlerBug 1148682 - Handle content length correctly for moz-icon channels. r=tn, a=sledru - 5f5a4c5a7e02
Nils Ohlmeier [:drno]Bug 1148572 - Improve H264 renegotiation handling. r=jesup, a=sledru - 8d84399a000b
Boris ZbarskyBug 1148973 - When skipping shape guards in Ion common getter/setter code because the object has a non-configurable property, first verify that its current shape matches the shape we're using to compile our code. r=jandem, a=sledru - d6ec30c02b8d
Andrea MarchesiniBug 1148032 - BroadcastChannel API should not bypass private browsing mode. r=ehsan, a=sledru - 125623fcc804
Michael ComellaBug 1132751 - Remove redundant ActionBar home setting. r=liuche, a=sledru - 8be55cae236f
Michael ComellaBug 1132751 - Add android:logo to fennec application. r=liuche, a=sledru - b28b502e4aca
Mark HammondBug 1146346 - Fix sync login when master-password was unlocked by something other than sync. r=ckarlof, a=sledru - edf4fa83d569
Vladan DjericBug 1149746 - Update expiry dates for probes that measure Telemetry health. r=rvitillo, a=sledru - dad86e3e53cd
Matthew GreganBug 1134977 - Release IAudioStreamVolume when closing WASAPI stream. Refixes Bug 1109802. r=padenot, a=sledru - 8348e6654b30
Vladan DjericBug 1150230 - Add reading-list.sqlite and about:home indexedDB to SlowSQL whitelist. r=Yoric, a=sledru - 88b4ec69e42f
Margaret LeibovicBug 1147597. r=gavin, a=sledru - e4566e5991e8
Joel MaherBug 1139328 - update talos to latest version for preferences and e10s fixes. r=wlach, a=test-only - 0ed266400af5
Nick AlexanderBug 1149226 - Initialize Reading List authority after upgrade. r=rnewman, a=sylvestre - 4d02b020a319
Robert StrongBug 1083653 - Fix intermittent failure for marStageSuccessPartialSvc.js and marStageFailurePartialSvc.js. r=spohl, a=test-only - e2efc8489eba
Justin DolskeBug 1142298 - Fix reader view font/color control glitches. r=gijs, a=sledru - c0496dd61e60
Vaibhav Pradeep BhosaleBug 1135009 - Printing in reader mode cuts off on the left (sidebar overlays text). r=Margaret, a=sledru - a1214cc8c57e
Markus JaritzBug 1139174 - Use Georgia and Helvetica/Arial as Reader View Fonts until Fira and Charis land. r=margaret, r=dolske, a=sledru - 079e210207b9
Jared WeinBug 1135589 - Make the focusring match the visible borders of the buttons in reader mode. r=florian, a=sledru - fd67405ba1de
Margaret LeibovicBug 1147122 - Restore reader view error message if about:reader fails when user clicks reader button. r=Gijs, a=sledru - a2a4bbc864ad
Margaret LeibovicBug 1146373 - Don't resize reader view images in JS. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 180f3c3634e3
Blake WintonBug 1147889 - Transition background and text color in Reading Mode. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 3e828a466ece
Mark CapellaBug 1134446 - Automatically open the ReadingList sidebar the first time ReaderMode is used. r=unfocused, a=sledru - 887be7f12f1e
vivekBug 1142528 - Decrease tappable area for +/- buttons. r=margaret, a=sledru - 7d883361e554
Blake WintonBug 1145809 - Add the reading mode footer. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 537b5f078296
Ben TurnerBug 1071360 - Fix async storage connection closing when open fails. r=asuth, a=sledru - 0e9a4f42d12a
Ben TurnerBug 1112620 - Fix invalidated version change transactions. r=khuey, a=sledru - f8e17839eac9
Blake WintonBug 1148050 - Make Reader View type panel look closer to the spec. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 7b6bd63b68e5
Abhinav KoppulaBug 1132656 - Reader mode toolbar overlaps content if window becomes too narrow. r=jaws, a=sledru - b8343ae0a9dc
Blake WintonBug 1149277 - Increase the Line-Height in Reader View from 1.44 em to 1.6 em. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 30be2924717b
Jeff MuizelaarBug 1150124 - Move WARP reporter closer to actually testing WARP. r=Bas, a=sledru - e749a39aaf5c
Divjot SinghBug 1139026 - Use white background-color & inverted color for selected area. r=margaret, a=sledru - 2ff89ac6dc8d
J. Ryan StinnettBug 1149778 - Lazify simulator startup to allow ADB init. r=ochameau, a=sledru - ecf15768ec50
Gijs KruitboschBug 1150476 - Fix silly typo in list styles. a=sledru - 3d380257da88
Tim NguyenBug 1138630 - Switch the desktop update badge to an SVG image. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 33496825c683
Blake WintonBug 1137211 - Move the click handler to the document so we can click on the margins. ui-r=phlsa, r=margaret, r=jaws, a=sledru - d69e01ecebe0
Jared WeinBug 1148462 - When "Reading List" is disabled (browser.readinglist.enabled = false) CTRL+ALT+R should not open its sidebar. r=gijs, a=gavin - 6238a894c78f
Jared WeinBug 1146773 - Unify the code paths for adding an item to the reading list (location bar + reader mode). r=margaret, a=sledru - f7d65dc9093b
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1147919 - Part 1: Make sure content gets an error callback when it does not use a fingerprint algorithm we support. r=drno, a=sledru - 38cb0f4d54e8
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1147919 - Part 2: Lowercase fingerprint alg before comparing. r=drno, a=sledru - a606f164b2a7
Blake WintonBug 1147440 - Add a transition to the readinglist-addremove-button. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=jaws, a=sledru - 05f716c8608d
Blake WintonBug 1147444 - Add a transition when deleting an item from the Reading List. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - b42a539dcc29
Blake WintonBug 1147479 - Add a transition for adding items to the reading list. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Unfocused, a=sledru - 088cbfb10079
Mike HommeyBug 1147760 - In mozpack.files.FileCopier.copy, remove files after copying. r=gps, a=sledru - 2bc3aac3094b
Mike HommeyBug 1147723 - Avoid non TEST_PASS/TEST_UNEXPECTED_FAIL output from r=gps, a=test-only - 882dd82e8af0
Mike HommeyBug 910660 - Refactor so that it's easier to follow. r=gps, a=sledru - a141c675b405
Mike HommeyBug 910660 - Add a test for the unpacker code. r=gps, a=sledru - 06cd1b5deb25
Mike HommeyBug 910660 - Make package formatters handle addons. r=gps, a=sledru - 90925932c88c
Mike HommeyBug 910660 - Make the SimplePackager emit a separate base for addons. r=gps, a=sledru - f4f4979e09b2
Ralph GilesBug 1133862 - Remove MSE debug User Agent string. r=mconley, a=sledru - f9441895096d
Patrick McManusBug 1141775 - One wifi monitor thread. r=hurley, a=sledru - ce2f9cedb975
Milan SreckovicBug 1149954 - Only Skia canvases need be considered for acceleration. Carry r=jmuizelaar from Bug 1124249, a=sledru - b4e6da60e6d4
Robert KaiserBug 1084258 - Language pack compatibility should be bound to Gecko branch, else undefined entity errors possible. r=glandium, a=sledru - 8c5c12705b50
Cameron McCormackBug 1149542 - Part 1: Return early from SVG text layout if we discover mPositions is not long enough. r=dholbert, a=abillings - 984f9cdef799
Cameron McCormackBug 1149542 - Part 2: Track undisplayed characters before empty text frames properly. r=dholbert, a=abillings - 32d78bac2cfa
Jeff MuizelaarBug 1137716 - Increase the list of devices that are blocked. a=sledru - 499e1c563939

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