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Firefox 33 beta8 to beta9

03 Oct 2014

  • 29 changesets
  • 41 files changed
  • 931 insertions
  • 534 deletions



List of changesets:

Marty RosenbergBug 1039993 - Don't try to re-use the input on float32 -> double conversions, it can go wrong on ARM due to deep-seated reasons. r=jandem, r=terrence, a=sledru - b4d40427d6e8
Ed LeeBug 1062256 - Followup to disable »What is this« bubble for 33-specific code paths [r=ttaubert a=sylvestre] - 041c9b3d66b1
Ed LeeBug 1073823 - Turn off enhanced tiles for all Firefox 33 users [r=ttaubert a=sylvestre] - 8dfb2430db1c
Jed DavisBug 1074561 - Allow media plugins to run on Linuxes without sandboxing support. r=jesup a=sledru - 583cc1307044
JW WangBug 995438 - Call SpecialPowers.pushPermissions() to ensure permission change is completed before continuing the rest of the tests. r=baku, a=test-only - 145ef3fe7204
Christian HollerBug 982600 - Disable tests that only make sense with crashreporter. r=markh, a=test-only - 449e9b0c1780
Chris KarlofBug 1059391 - Add pref to disable caching of Sync authentication credentials. r=markh, a=sledru - c45a0f90b53e
Bas SchoutenBug 1074272 - Use exception mode 0 for our D3D11 devices. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 3f58f21ebcf6
Richard BarnesBug 1064320 - NSC_Encrypt returns uninitialised garbage which is handed onwards to realloc. r=dkeeler, a=sledru - a4529d1ee29c
Mike HommeyBug 1071438 - Make detect python like configure and mach do. r=mshal, a=sledru - 605fa4c6a84d
Tim TaubertBug 1073502 - Restore closed windows even when there are no open windows on startup. r=yoric, a=sledru - e3603d5accda
Randell JesupBug 1074548 - Lazy-allocate webrtc trace buffers in RELEASE_BUILDs. r=ted, a=sledru - 002f9202019b
Shane CaraveoBug 1073863 - Use origin in activation panel rather than name. r=markh, a=sledru - 6326278b28ac
Ryan VanderMeulenNo Bug - Skip the webapps tests on OSX because they became timeout-prone after the NSS update and nobody has time/inclination to investigate. a=bustage - 52751a820495
Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1072044: Fire ICE signals on main. (beta backport) r=mt a=abillings - e97e1abb8395
Karl TomlinsonBug 1074765 - Test PeriodicWave output. a=abillings - dfbd36a37290
Karl TomlinsonBug 1074765 - Move const periodicWaveSize multiplier out of loop. r=rillian, a=abillings - 67ba7d820ddf
Karl TomlinsonBug 1074765 - Increment phase after sampling to begin PeriodicWave at phase = 0. r=rillian, a=abillings - aaa0553c45c6
Karl TomlinsonBug 1074765 - Use greater weight for nearer sample in PeriodicWave interpolation. r=rillian, a=abillings - 560bb9f18e5a
Karl TomlinsonBug 1012609 - Improve PeriodicWave phase-wrapping logic. r=rillian, a=abillings - 7a21538bedac
Vladimir VukicevicBug 1037667 - Update generated ANGLE files to fix DX SDK build issues. r=jrmuizel, a=sledru - 1930a7b3c014
Bas SchoutenBug 1060736 - Disable all acceleration on HD 3000 for driver versions 2321 or lower. r=nical, a=sledru - abc995cad178
Randell JesupBug 1073345: Block duplicate Shmems from the GMP SharedMemory cache r=cpearce a=abillings - 07582278fef2
Randell JesupBug 1073350: Validate that returned decoded Shmems have enough data r=cpearce a=abillings - ff91afbb6355
Ralph GilesBug 1063327 - Reject vp9 frames with invalid tiles. r=kinetik, a=sledru - 16aa4dfa9001
Tim TaubertBug 1074743 - Forward display pixel values to screen proxies r=jimm a=sylvestre - fa58aaa6863e
Xidorn QuanBug 1075336 - Fix lifetime management of CounterStyle. r=dbaron, a=sledru - d79568d581e6
Brian SmithBug 1045739 - Stop checking revocation for expired certificates. r=dkeeler, a=sledru - d8ebbb47a75e
David KeelerBug 1045739 - Test that revocation checking doesn't occur for expired certificates. r=mmc, a=sledru - 9150826eaf1b

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