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Firefox release schedule March 16 to 23

16 Mar 2015

Here’s what’s happening with Firefox releases for the week of March 16, 2015.

Monday March 16 * Beta: Firefox 37.0b6 [desktop][mobile] go to build, last chance for new locales * Release: 36.0.2 [mobile] ship Tuesday March 17 * Beta: Firefox 37.0b6 [desktop][mobile] ship Thursday March 19 * Beta: Firefox 37.0b7 [desktop] go to build Friday March 20 * Beta: Firefox 37.0b7 [desktop] ship * Mainline code freeze Monday March 23 * Firefox 37.0 Release Candidate [desktop] gtb * Beta: Firefox 37.0b8 [mobile] gtb


Your friendly Firefox release managers, Liz, Ben, Lawrence, Lukas, and Sylvestre

Firefox releases, detailed calendar:

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